London Waterways Projects

If you are a boater in or around London we want to hear from you. Let us know the issues that most affect you on the canal.

About Us

Social Enterprise on the Canal

London Waterways Projects is a social enterprise which aims to support the community of people who live on and around London’s waterways.

London Waterways Projects has a primary focus on the delivery of new affordable residential moorings working in partnership with Canal and River Trust, third party landowners and local authorities.

London Waterways Projects aids the community further by supporting and delivering projects and programmes that encourage the spirit of collective endeavour that the waterways represent.

  • We are specialists in small urban mooring sites integrated within new developments. Our specialist knowledge can help make the case for moorings as part of an affordable housing strategy on land and water. As a social enterprise we can make the case to Local Authorities to support moorings development as part of an inclusive design strategy.

  • As a social enterprise we love to bring water and land based communities together through ongoing or interim projects. Whether as part of a development strategy or an integral part of a completed scheme we can design and implement projects working with a wide network of partner organisations.

  • We are specialists who understand development beside the canal and can advise on design and management strategies from an early stage, helping to deliver successful and engaging urban waterside environments.

  • We know the boating community better than anyone. Working with you throughout the design process we can engage the community on and around the canal from an early stage, helping to create successful places that people love.

We have a number of mooring sites in development and expect to have new vacancies towards the end of 2018.
Click the link to see the sites and to find out how to apply.

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