16th September 2015

Advisory Panel


As a small social enterprise London Waterways Projects owes a lot to the many people who have helped out along the way. Whilst we have made some great progress we are never beyond needing advice, this advisory panel plays an important role in shaping the direction of the organisation.

We have formed the advisory panel from the of friends and colleagues who have helped out along the way and who have specific skills and knowledge which can help to shape the best way forward for the organisation. The members of the panel are highly valued and their importance in advising on key decisions for the organisation cannot be understated. We are hugely thankful to the members of the panel for their continued support and advice.

We are in the process of recruiting members of the advisory panel and hope to have approximately 8 members in total. The advisory panel is unpaid, though expenses are reimbursed.

Current Panel Members:

David Codling
Real Estate & Property Consultant Harton Property Consultancy

Liane Hartley
Public Policy and responsible procurement specialist and director of Mend

Julia Atkins
Senior Research Fellow in Housing at London Metropolitan University

Juliet Can
Social Enterprise Consultant & Director of Stour Space