Art on the cut

Although we are still focussed on the heavy engineering issues at Corbridge Crescent, taking possession of the site has allowed us to think about some of the more fun elements of works on the site… 

For years the site at Corbridge has been subject to fly tipping, graffiti and generally all sort of other illicit behaviours which don’t do anything positive for the character of the canal or indeed the wider area. The area beneath the high level railway bridge was always the worst part of this with the large prominant wall of the railway bridge being a regular canvas for tagging and graffiti.

The works at Corbridge will see the area beneath the bridge landscaped and become a useful area for bins and bikes to be stored. The area beneath the bridge will also house the service heads and the elsan & pump-out facilities on the site but the wall of the bridge pier will remain a highly visible part of the site which until now has been given little consideration.

Rather than simply cleaning the bridge pier and leaving it as a large empty wall there seems to be an opportunity to continue to treat the site as a canvas and create a prominent artwork which adds to the character of the canal in a creative way. With this in mind we’ll be looking at getting agreement from Network Rail (somewhat ironically as it has been covered in graffiti for years) for painting the bridge pier and will plan on organising a an open call for mural ideas as plans come together on the site.


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