Many moorings in London are provided on a purely commercial basis – the majority being auctioned to the highest bidder. When combined with the rapidly rising boat numbers London has seen over the past few years this has seen auction prices reach astronomical and unaffordable levels.

We think the neighbourliness, spirit and energy of the boating community is infectious and can be a positive force in the wider community. Acting more like a housing association than a developer, we would rather see moorings offered at an affordable price to people who need them most or people who will benefit the local community on and around the canal. In some cases affordable moorings may include conditions such as a commitment to a minimum number of hours per month volunteering in the community as part of agreements with site specific partners.

The canals, moorings and the people who live on them playing a positive role in the wider community is at the heart of London Waterways Projects. We aim for all of our moorings to be filled with people with a similar outlook and ambition.

Applying for a mooring

The precise moorings application process will vary from site to site and will involve specific site partners where appropriate, however initially all sites have a standard initial web based application form which can be filled out below or at the moorings application page.

Our Mooring Sites

Residential Moorings:

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