16th March 2016

Queens Yard Moorings

Trade licence and moorings for restaurant boat Alfred Le Roy.

London Waterways Projects were commissioned by Alfred Le Roy to gain the permissions required to moor and operate their restaurant & trip boat from Queens Yard in Hackney Wick.

As part of the proposals provision has been included for a second boat mooring adjacent to the Alfred Le Roy which can be booked for short term events in collaboration with CRATE / The White Building & Alfred Le Roy. The mooring is made available to travelling trading boats or other cultural and community boats. For further information on this contact Alfred Le Roy directly

All photos © Ben Perkins / Alfred Le Roy

Alfred Le Roy has now become a familiar part of the Hackney Wick canal community and continues to share the community focused approach we like at London Waterways projects. Alfred Le Roy has gone on to work with Thames 21’s Love the Lea campaign and is a founding member of the Trash for Treats scheme with Moo Canoes and SUPKiko developed floating planting adjacent to the mooring. If you are in the area or even if you are not a trip on the Alfred Le Roy is an experience not to be missed.

For more details about Alfred Le Roy check out their website at alfredleroy.com.

The Alfred Le Roy can be found here: