4th April 2016

Riga Wharf

A new moorings community in Stepney


We are developing a site for 12 boats north of Johnsons Lock and will use this to help support the Lower Regents Coalition efforts to introduce planting and wildlife into the area.

Work is likely to progress in two stages with an initial development to the south of the site following vegetation clearance before works begin on the northern moorings and associated piling works.

Subject to consents and planning work we would anticipate to begin works on this site in late 2017 with the second stage works at the northern end of the site taking place in 2018.

The Site:

How to apply

Moorings applications have a standard form requesting details about you and your boat. Applications will be reviewed with local partners in line with site objectives and may also involve a face to face conversation with short-listed applicants. For more information and to fill out an application form please see the Moorings Application page.