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About the trial:

Following exploratory testing which began in December 2016, London Waterways Projects ran a trial operation to collect boaters waste via water based collections directly from their boat as an alternative to limited towpath facilities. The trial covered a stretch of the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal from Little Venice to Harlesden with fortnightly collections from boats.

The success of this trial and the data gained from operating it will be used to determine whether a larger trial should take place in 2017/18 and how this would best operate to develop the concept further. During the initial trial, waste and recycling were transferred into the existing land based waste collection process at Little Venice however a future, larger trial would seek to minimise the use of land based waste transport and instead look to utilise the canal itself for transportation of waste streams as much as possible. A “water first” approach will not only keep vehicles off the road but will reduce carbon emissions through the use of more efficient water based propulsion.

London Waterways Projects receives no external funding or support and delivered the Bins By Boat trial as part of our commitment to innovation and supporting the waterways community.

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Photos from the trial: