17th September 2015

Development Partnering

We have a background in the built environment and have experience of projects at a range of scales from the tiny to mega projects. By partnering with developers we can bring our unique skills to the table and help to fully integrate the canal into a scheme. We see development beside water with no direct connection to the water itself as a missed opportunity. Through the integration of moorings and/or canal facilities into a scheme, whether residential or commercial has the potential to being a vibrancy and uniqueness to a project at comparatively little cost in many cases. As a development partner we can de-risk the canal aspect of a project, taking that element from idea through to construction and on into management if required.

Through partnering at an early stage we can also advise on the potential uses of the canal during construction itself. Using the canal for construction material and waste transport can work out cheaper than traditional methods in some cases and removes significant numbers of trips by road. Using the canal can not only not only make the construction process more environmentally friendly, but the lack of lorries makes it more friendly to its neighbours as well.