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The Better Relationship Group organised by Canal & River Trust in London was a useful forum despite it’s failings and the lack of future meetings has left a bit of a gap in the collective dialogue with CRT. As a regular attendee I can attest to one consistency throughout the BRG period: Conversations in the pub afterwards were usually a source of many more good ideas (and a damn slight more silly ones) than ever arose from within the confines of the meeting itself.

Whilst BRG was a useful sounding board for CRT the real value to my mind was as a forum for people who generally know a bit about what works on the cut and what doesn’t to have a bit of a chat and sometimes hatch a cunning plan or two.

I’m proposing the inaugural meeting of the BEER RELATED GROUP on Wednesday 6th April. Using the conduit of a good pub to channel some of the energy and enthusiasm we all share for improving the canal into some thoughts, ideas and general conversation. As a pilot event this invitation has been sent to the Better Relationships Group mailing list as well as some of the usual suspects from CRT staff to join us in an off-duty-yet-still-talking-about-the-canals capacity.

There will be no agenda though as an official member of NAG I’m happy to do some follow up nagging on matters arising.

The Future

The Beer Related Group is hopefully a transition event and will continue with a slightly different remit as the London Waterways Activity Forum, though hopefully at this initial event a better and shorter name can be thought up.

If you would like to come along to this initial event member of the Better Relationships Group of not please feel free to join us and RSVP here:

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